Predictive Analytics

Today organizations have access to volumes of data from a variety of different sources in safety. The data that you already possess is one of your business’s most valuable assets unless it is not analyzed using the right techniques for decision making it only remains as information of no use.

Our Data Analytics team can help you to gain fresh and beneficial insights from your business data, using new techniques that we developed to achieve greater efficiency and identify cost savings across the organization.

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Predictive Analytics

We can create links between your distributed data sets, irrespective of their format or location, that enable them to be interrogated and analyzed collectively to reveal previously hidden trends, insights, and future trends.  Predictive analysis can be used to improve business safety performance, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

 Unlocking the untapped potential of your business data can:

  • Identify/uncover links between the causes and effects of present issues
  • Resource allocation where they will have the greatest impact 
  • Insight on a greater understanding of your business’s risk profile 
  • Strategic decision making based on reliable evidence
  • Past and future trend in the reduction of employee accidents
  • Help you to forecast the future consequences of actions taken today


What result you can expect?

Our analytics work leads to a better insight of data uncovering the statistical downward and up-ward safety culture trend. As an example, one company we helped through  such a diagnostic process targeted–and achieved–these concrete objectives:


Increase in decision making by leaders


Reduction in project overall risk


Identify opportunities from the untapped data


Identify contributors for safety culture

Data Analysis Strategy

The industry is transforming and transformation is hard. What should be the best digital safety transformation strategy? Here are six steps Safety Heads can take immediately for digital transformation.

Read more about how to develop the digital roadmap.

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Example of our work

CLIDE has developed a data analysis web-based solution wherein data gathered from organisations can be analysed. With one of our clients, we took 5 years of data on various parameters to identify the incident trend and losses which has affected the profit of the organisation. The data also helped in identifying the decision-making pattern followed by leaders in the organisation which was actually seen as a barrier to safety culture

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Our Approach

We begin by setting the strategic goals for a company's data journey to define the road map.

We collect the raw data to get insight on the areas “ What's Happening ?” 

Analytics cases offer the high value opportunity to know “ Why it is happening? 

Present various scenarios for decision-making to transform  “What action to take?” 

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Achieving "zero" is reality.

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Digital Transformation

Decision-making makes a huge impact on an organization. It can either propel it forward or it can destroy the company’s value. Here is the five steps process for making strong data-driven decisions.

Achieving "Zero" is a reality with predictive data analytics.


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