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CLIDE Academy accelerates transformations by unlocking the untapped potential of people. 

In today’s world of digitalisation and workforce who is diverse from baby boomers to gen “x” demands new skills and capabilities which are upgraded on a continual basis across all levels. In order to transform and succeed, capability building needs to be grounded in how an organisation creates value. 

We created CLIDE Academy to help organisations succeed at the human side of strategy — to transform safety culture from reactive to generative. 

Virtual Training Strategy

You can't pause your capability building when it comes to the safety of your workforce. Develop an effective virtual learning strategy for your organisation?

Read how to develop your training Strategy.

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For us training means -  Experience the Change

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How we help clients?

We work with the world’s leading organizations to meet their unique needs 

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Executive Program

Unique opportunity for leaders to learn, engage and explore the new safety dimension with a success narrative series of case video developed by CLIDE and with our world-class faculty. 

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Functional Academies

Comprehensive capability building programs that address the organisation’s most critical needs, including incident Investigation, Behavioural Safety, Risk Perception and other transformations. 

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Custom Solution

Highly customised programs designed to address an organisation’s unique business challenges to up-skill the competency needed for organisational growth. 

Training Offered - Experience the Change

Why CLIDE Academy 

We created CLIDE Academy to help organisations create lasting value 

Understand Your Strategic Goal 

We understand each organisation’s context, goals and challenges, and we design targeted programs that are directly linked to the drivers of value. 

Proven Learning Methodology 

Our training frameworks, tools, and facilitators help unlock value for the world’s leading companies and governments. 

Insights from CLIDE’s “research factory” 

We bring the insights and innovations gained from research factory by developing our own talent to every client situation.

Our Methodology

Our Assets

Expert Team

Hundred of learning design and delivered by consultant, e-learning designers, case study developers, research experts, and change facilitators.

Courses & Content

Program in-house designed on the instructional model and digital modules, as well as standardised assessments with free web knowledge centre for reading

E-Learning Exp.

Simulation-based case video series developed for each training program to visualise the real world challenges to engage participants and learn concepts.

Digital Tool

E-learning multi-device experience platform, including gamification, social learning, and learner dashboards. Hundreds of safety video to understand the concept easily..

Expected Skill - 2021

Here is the list of expected skills that will be in demand to make the workplace a safer place meeting future challenges.

Read our research paper on skills needed for 2021.

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How we do it

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