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Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) OIACTM, is often described as a bottom-up approach (frontline employees), with top-down support from safety leaders. The behavior safety approach promotes interventions that are people-focused and often incorporate one-to-one or group observations of employees performing routine work tasks, setting goals carefully, and giving timely feedback on safety-related behavior, coaching, and mentoring.

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Safety perception survey helps in understanding that what people believe and how they behave are directly related to one another. CLIDE perception survey will both quantify what employees perceive and identify the gap between the beliefs of the workforce and those of management. The survey report can be used to develop a road map for recommended changes make changes to current policies and procedures make improvements in current be used to develop a road map for recommended changes make changes to current policies and procedures make improvements in current practices and create the framework for a long-term safety strategy. 


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Learn how to implement BBS in an organization, by understanding how to frame the implementation strategy, challenges, and barriers during implementation, criteria for selecting activities, and behavior data analytics.

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What result you can expect?

Our BBS OIACTM work leads to tangible goals and ready-to-launch initiatives to achieve them. As an example, one company we helped through  such a BBS OIACTM process targeted–and achieved–these concrete objectives:


Increase in safe behavior


Reduction in barriers for creating a sustainable safety culture


Increase in employees engagement in safety activities


Down trend in incident rate throughout the organization

Example of our work

Case study – Behavior-Based Safety Reduces Lost Days at a Bulk Drug and API Facility

CLIDE assisted in the implementation of a Behavior-based safety OIACTM process for manufacturing plants with 900 employees at a bulk drug and API facility that produces drugs for its client.

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Our  Approach 

Defining a bold vision for how the company must change, based on analysis of its present state, now and in the future

Where do we stand at present?

Together, we assess the company’s current state in the context of the maturity model, gauging how far its business model must shift to sustain or need change. Understanding this point of start—and envisioned point of arrival—will establish the magnitude, diculty, and velocity of the change.


What is the right choreography?

We look across the seven-levels to craft right BBS implementation strategy — leadership, safety beliefs, organizational values, safety competency, observation data, workforce involvement and safety KPIs—to establish the most logical sequence of action. The goal is to pull the right gear at the right time, without disrupting the company’s overall strategy.

What tools should be used?

Crafting a BBS implementation plan is one thing, but executing it effectively requires the right leadership framework and the digital tools for data analysis. The organization have achieved the best result by using.

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